Petroleum Jelly uses you should know about…

Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum Jelly serves many uses however we spend time and money buying other products when all along this product is actually your number 1 best friend! Leave behind your medicine cabinet of products and buy yourself Petroleum Jelly that will do any and every job!

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  1. Remove eye makeup

Petroleum Jelly will not only remove your eye makeup but will also help to soothe and moisturise your skin! Coat your lids and gently swab with a tissue.

  1. Highlight

Ever wondered how models have high definition bone structure? Pat and blend a tiny amount across your cheekbones. The shine attracts light and makes your skin look contoured!

  1. Gloss

Why not make your own DIY lip gloss? For a clear colour, dab some petroleum jelly on your lips. For a coloured lip gloss, simply add some food colouring and dab away!

  1. Tanning

For an even streak free tan, smooth on any dry skin areas some petroleum jelly before using any tanning products. Dry skin tends to soak up excess tanning lotion, leaving skin blotchy!

  1. Fragrance

To keep your fragrance lasting all day, dab the petroleum jelly on your pulse points (wrists and side of your neck) and spritz away! The product will soak your perfume and lock it into place all day.

  1. Dry Skin

To buff away any dry skin, combine brown sugar and petroleum jelly. Mix together for your own DIY exfoliator.

  1. Brows

Keep brows slick by using a clean mascara wand and adding a small amount of petroleum jelly. Sweep across brows in one direction, from inner to outer edge.

  1. Eye shadow

To create a cream based eye shadow that is more pigmented, blend some eye shadow and petroleum jelly together and begin to add to your lid with a flat eye shadow brush. Perfect for a night out!

  1. Hair dye

To avoid dark stains on your scalp while having your hair dyed, smooth a layer at your hairline, this will prevent the colour from sticking to your forehead.


  1. Split ends

Coat your split ends to conceal dryness and frizz. Simply coat the ends of your hair in petroleum jelly (we recommend using a lot and allowing this to soak for as long as possible, we recommend minimum time 30 minutes but for a deeper treatment 1 hour). Then wash hair with a protein enriched shampoo and conditioner and allow hair to air dry.

  1. Hair Wax

Ran out of hair wax? Or just looking for something more cost-effective? Put some petroleum jelly on your finger and glide through your hair to style the way you want.

  1. Moisturiser

Running out of your favourite moisturiser? Add petroleum jelly to prolong its life or simply moisturise your face with a pea size amount, leave for 15 minutes and remove. This method will mean the product will soak into your skin and bring your skin back to life!

  1. The perfect manicure

Dab a little around your nails when doing a manicure or pedicure to keep polish from getting on your skin.

  1. Soft skin

Before going to bed, rub some petroleum jelly where your skin is most dry. (We recommend elbows, heels of your feet, anywhere on your face that is dry and more). When you wake up your skin will feel extra soft as the product would have soaked in overnight.

  1. Rings

If your ring is tight or is stuck on your finger, use a pea sized about of petroleum jelly, rub on the ring and your finger. The ring should now come off with ease!

  1. Squeaking door?

Is your door or cabinets squeaky? Apply some petroleum jelly to the hinges!

  1. Shiny shoes

Apply some petroleum jelly to your patent-leather shoes to make them look brand new again!

  1. Bruises

Use it on bruises, scabs and cuts. This will help for them to heal faster. This is not a disinfectant, so it won’t sting, but it will prevent dirt and other bacteria from entering.

  1. Candle wax

Use to remove candle wax by applying around the edges of the wax and let it sink in for a few seconds. Wipe away with a paper towel. Repeat if necessary.

  1. Dandruff no more!

Massage into the scalp, this will reduce itching and scaling and will even help with dandruff!

  1. Stuck chewing gum in hair?

Apply and work into the hair until the gum slides off. You will need quite a big amount.

  1. Avoid car battery corrosion

Keep your car battery working all winter long by disconnecting the terminals, cleaning them with a wire brush, reconnect and smear with petroleum jelly, The petroleum jelly will prevent corrosion. (PLEASE NOTE: RESEARCH SHOULD BE DONE PRIOR TO DOING THIS POINT AS DEALING WITH CAR PARTS COULD BE DANGEROUS).

  1. Remove scratches from wood furniture

Cover each scratch with a liberal coat of petroleum jelly, let sit for 24 hours, rub into wood, wipe away excess and polish as usual.

  1. Keep shower curtains sliding easily

Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the curtain road.








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