2018 CLeaning

Start this year off right with our NEW YOU NEW START cleaning tips! From household cleaning to drains to garden tips and valeting tips we’ve got it all!


Cleaning the house can be a major task and can be very expensive when you have to buy multiple products. However with our household collection we offer the perfect multi use products.

Rubbing Alcohol 70% – the perfect disinfectant, can be used to clean cabinets, tables, kitchen sides, bedroom sides, you name it!

Glass & Window Cleaner – not only is this used to make your glass shiny but also perfect for cleaning your mirrors and even your sides – the perfect cost effective solution!

Talcum Powder – wanting a more natural scent? Say hello to Talcum Powder the perfect hoover friendly product! Before hoovering, sprinkle on floors, allow to soak in then hoover up. The smell will infuse in the room! Also try putting this in your wardrobe up to get rid of any damp smells!

Citrus Air Freshener – the perfect scent for every room! Cost effective yet the is fresh all day long! This can also be used in your car to add a citrus infused smell!

Sodium Bicarbonate – the perfect way to keep your floors in great condition!

For the perfect way to use these products with further instructions – click here.


Hydrochloric Acid – for gleaming patio and bricks!

Acetic Acid – unclogs drains

Sodium Bicarbonate – keeps floors looking great, cleans and unclogs drains

For the perfect guide to cleaning your patio and bricks – click here!

For the perfect guide to unclogging drains – click here.


Multi Clean Car Cleaner – for cleaning outside of car and cleaning alloy wheels.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner – for cleaning alloys.

Glass & Window Cleaner for cleaning surfaces inside the car and any glass/windows. Can also be used on household surfaces.

Talcum Powder – to put down inside car on floor, car seats and anything in a similar material. Can also be used on household floor.

Rubbing Alcohol 70% – can also be used for cleaning surfaces and any glass/windows. Can also be used on household surfaces.

Citrus Air Freshener – to achieve the perfect smell. Can be used in house as well as car.

For the perfect guide to using these products – click here.

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