The top 2018 beauty trends are now here! 2018 will give your health and skin a fresh start, follow these tips to keep yourself looking top this year!


Keep your nails clean and looking good using Acetone. Before applying nail polish, wipe your nails with acetone to make sure any leftover polish is gone. Apply your nail polish and you’re ready to go! This is the perfect multi-purpose product and will keep your nails looking great – so make sure to use the Acetone before applying Nail Polish and to remove polish when you want to change your nail colour. For Acetone to purchase – click here.

Eyelashes and Eyebrows

To keep your eyelashes and eyebrows looking full all year round – simply follow our free guide for step by step instructions on how to make your eyelashes and eyebrows grow and keep them looking their best – click here for blog. To keep them looking slick, after you have followed the castor oil blog, take some Petroleum Jelly and apply to keep them in place. Perfect to use to make them soft or just to keep them in place.

For Castor Oil to purchase – click here.

For Petroleum Jelly to purchase – click here. 


To keep your lips super soft and feeling great all year round, apply some Petroleum Jelly White and leave overnight for a lip mask. If you’re in need of a quick plump, apply the Petroleum Jelly White and keep topping up every few hours. For Petroleum Jelly to purchase – click here.

Skin Peels

Giving your skin a skin peel is always a must have. For the best results, give yourself a facial every 1-2 weeks. Lactic Acid is a popular product for using as a skin peel. For Lactic Acid to purchase – click here. **PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ADVISE ON APPLICATIONS OF ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS**


To keep your hair looking fab this year, when bonded hair extensions are coming to an end, remove them the easy way! Follow our free blog on removing bonded hair extensions to find out more – click here.

In need of a quick dry shampoo? Follow our free blog on creating your own dry shampoo using our Talcum Powder! – click here to read.

For Isopropanol Alcohol to purchase for removing the bonded extensions – click here.

For Talcum Powder to purchase to create your own dry shampoo – click here.


Broken eye shadow, blusher or bronzer? Don’t worry we’ve got your back! By spraying the sections with a Bottle and Finger Spray Attachment with Isopropanol 90-91% and gently pushing the pieces together. Leave to set for a few hours and they’ll be as good as new.

Don’t forget to keep your makeup brushes clean – Isopropanol 90-91% is the perfect disinfectant. By soaking them in Isopropanol 90-91% for 30 minutes and allowing them to air dry. Do this every month to keep germs at bay and your brushes in tip-top condition.

For Isopropanol Alcohol 90-91% to purchase – click here.

Clear Skin

To achieve clear skin all year round, apply some Rubbing Alcohol 70% on a cotton ball and begin to apply this direct to the pimple. TIP: Only apply a minimal amount as extended use can irritate your skin.

For Rubbing Alcohol 70% to purchase – click here.



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