Make a thoughtful, handmade Father’s Day gift this year with the perfect gift for the dad who loves to fish…

You Will Need:

Step 1

Start by taking the lid off the jar and squeeze a small amount of clear hair gel inside, about 1/2.

Step 2

Add a few mini aquatic animals. TOP TIP: make sure to position them upside down so when you flip the jar, the animals will be the right side up!

Step 3

Squeeze in more clear hair gel and add more animals.

Step 4

When the jar is 1/2 filled, add blue hair gel. Place the lid onto the jar and gently tap the jar on the counter to even out the gel. Add additional blue hair gel if necessary.

Step 5

Tighten the lid and and add the string around the lid to decorate and tighten. Flip the jar over so the jar is sat on the lid. Optional: Add a tag that says: “Fishing you a Happy Father’s Day”.

Your DIY ocean jar is now ready to give!


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