With the end of year Festivals approaching, looking your best is a top priority! Follow our FREE guide for tips and tricks for #FestivalLife!

Face/Body Glitter

Glitter can easily fall off if not applied the right way! To apply your perfectly glittery look, swipe enough Petroleum Jelly White over your cheekbones to give your face a dewy glow. Then, pat the glitter on top of the Petroleum Jelly White. This will ensure the glitter sticks to exactly where you want it, rather than falling all over your face.

Repeat this step on any other areas where you want a pop of glitter!

Body sprays to last all day!

Ensure your body spray lasts all day by applying Petroleum Jelly White all over where you would normally apply your spray (most people apply to their pulse points!). Simply apply a generous amount and spray away!

Patchy tan no more!

To avoid a patchy tan the night before, apply a generous amount of Petroleum Jelly White to the dry parts of your body for example: hands, ankles, elbows and anywhere else that might be dry! Apply fake tan as normal!

Slick brows!

Apply a pea sized amount of Petroleum Jelly White to your eyebrows for clean slick eyebrows!

Dry Shampoo

Need a quick and cost effective dry shampoo! Simply use our Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and apply as normal! Alternatively, you can apply our Talcum Powder!

Odour Removal

Have your clothes/shoes got wet and starting to create a bad odour?

Place enough activated charcoal to fill using thin socks. Put each sock deep within your stinky shoes or in between your clothes. Store your shoes inside a paper bag or shoe box, or wrap them with aluminium foil. Leave to sit until odour has gone away.


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