How To De-Ice your Car



Follow this guide for an easy how to in order to keep yourself safe for driving in these weather conditions.

You Will Need:

Step 1

Snow may fall on your window screen and get on areas it shouldn’t be. Top Tip: It is best to have no snow on your car if you can prevent it as snow can fall off especially off the top of your car. Start by adding the Trigger Spray on to the bottle of Rubbing Alcohol 70%.

Step 2

Spray the icy windows and the rest of your car and dry with an old towel. This will not only get rid of ice but will help prevent fogging and leave your windows with a streak-free shine. Win Win! Clear and clean windows!

Top Tip: Please make sure the snow is completely clear of the roof, lights and number plates. This will help avoid accidents.

Step 3

Winter weather is frequently wet, this means that you’ll spend a lot of time using your windscreen. Ensure that your car has enough screen wash to make journeys in case needed. The best screen wash to make sure that your windows are clean and streak free is Rubbing Alcohol 70%.








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