APC Pawfect Pet Guide – Non Toxic Ways To Clean Pet Collars, Lead, Harness, Bowls, Beds and Toys!



APC Pure is excited to announce our Pawfect Pet Guide with our tips and tricks to keeping your furry friends safe and happy all year round! This guide will ensure all of your pets belongings are cleaned in a non toxic and safe way.

You Will Need:

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Distilled Water


Old Toothbrush

Pet Collars

Pet collars can get quite dirty with constant wear. If the collar is still in great condition apart from it being dirty, then it’s time to wash it and make it like new again!


Pawfect Pup “Charlie” with his clean collar, lead and harness after following our simple guide for cleaning pet collars using Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate!

Step 1

Remove the collar from your furry friend.

Using a bucket, stir a small spoonful of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) into hot water until it dissolves. This mixture can be used to clean all common types of pet collars. Please note: when handling hot water, make sure to take extra caution.

Step 2

Using an old toothbrush, scrub the collar with this mixture.

Step 3

Hold the collar under running water to remove the cleaning mixture.

Step 4

Allow the collar to dry. Either place on a towel to dry or hang the collar making sure to keep it out of the way of direct sunlight.

Pet Leads

Pet leads can get very muddy from walks with your furry friend. To clean your pet lead follow the above guide for cleaning Pet Collars!

Pet Harness

Your Pet’s harness can become very mucky very easy especially if your furry friend has a love for anything muddy! Keep their harness clean the non toxic way!

Step 1

Remove the harness from your furry friend.

Step 2

Using a bucket, stir a small spoonful of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) into hot water until it dissolves. Please note: when handling hot water, make sure to take extra caution.

Step 3

Using a cloth, dip into the mixture and start to work onto the harness to lift any stains. Make sure that you have thoroughly worked the mixture onto all the harness.

Step 4

Using a clean cloth, fill a bowl full of warm water and using this clean the harness to get rid of any unwanted stains. Once you have cleared the Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) mixture and the harness is clean, allow to dry by either placing on a towel or hanging up making sure this is out of the way of direct sunlight.

Pet Bowls


Happy and healthy Pawfect Pet “Loki” whose owner always keeps on top of keeping his bowl clean using our Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate!

Just like the plates and cutlery we use, pet bowls need regular cleaning & sanitisation to keep your furry friend in the best of health. Pet bowls can attract all kinds of dirt and germs, and should be washed regularly, especially if they’re kept in your kitchen where food is prepared.

Ceramic or Plastic Bowl

The majority of pet bowls are made from materials designed to be hard wearing, so they’re not that difficult to clean.

To clean Ceramic or Plastic Bowls, repeat the same steps above for Pet Collars.

Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless steel dog bowls are generally more hygienic than those made of other materials, but they can rust if they aren’t looked after properly and this is something you want to minimize for the sake of your pet’s health.

Step 1

Make a paste using Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) and a small amount of water.

Step 2

Using a sponge, working the paste in circular motions, work any marks or scratches off. Rinse with water and wipe over with a microfibre cloth.

Pet Beds


One of our Pawfect Pets “Pixie” she loves a clean pet bed!

Keeping your pet’s bed clean benefits the health, hygiene, and appearance of your pet and your home. Cleaning your pet’s bed is especially important as a way to reduce bacterial growth and possible flea infestations.

Step 1

Loosen the hair by shaking the bed and grabbing as much hair as you can whilst wearing rubber gloves.

Step 2

Use a lint brush to remove any remaining hair.

Step 3

Make a paste using Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) and a small amount of water. Apply this paste to a sponge and clean the bed cover or crate. After you have scrubbed well, take another sponge with warm water to remove all the paste.


Our Pawfect Pet “Tia” happy after her owner used our Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate to freshen up her blanket!



Step 4

Allow to dry keeping away from direct sunlight. Top Tip: For fresh smelling pet bedding, sprinkle Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) and let it sit for half an hour. Simply dust it off to keep smells at bay.

Pet Toys


One of our Pawfect Pets “Buster” super happy with his nice clean toys!

Pet toys need regular cleaning from your pet being a pet dragging them through who-knows-what (dirt, drool, etc.) day after day.


Dissolve 4 tablespoons of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) per 1 quart of water and scrub the toys with an old toothbrush. Once done rinse with clean water.


For stuffed toys that shouldn’t get wet, sprinkle the surface with Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate), allow it to sit for 15 minutes, then brush it off. TOP TIP: Make sure you thoroughly brush all the baking soda off.






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